Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 43- Dec. 17

Oh, doesn't she look pretty!! Looks just like a new car on the lot. They could use my car as a demonstration of how much you can cram into one vehicle and still fit two people.
I have now traveled 8000 miles and it was time for another oil change. When I came out of the waiting room at Honda, they had my car parked as only a dealership would park it.

My dad has now landed in Salt Lake and we started off our time together at my new friend's house.

Our theme for this next section of the trip is going to be "let the adventure begin!"

This has been quite the adventure so far, but with my new travel mate, it will be taken to a new level. He says I'm too impetuous, and don't think things through logically. I say, he needs to relax a bit and enjoy the journey. Our travel methods are drastically different! My method of travel is to go as the wind blows, and stay when the wind stops me. I have yet to make a reservation anywhere and only use a map to keep me pointing the right direction. My dad lives by maps and uses them to go from his house to the grocery store. I'm not joking on this one. He really does use a map to go to the same grocery store he has been going to for 2 years.

He walked off the plane with about 200 pages printed out with a zoomed in view of every major intersection from Salt Lake to the Grand Canyon. I am going to have to work very hard to let go and let him plan the route and where we will be on each day. That is what makes him feel comfortable.

My dad travels to see a destination and whizzes past all the middle stuff. I see the middle stuff as the destination.

DEEP BREATH, Dana! Deep breath!!

Anyway, we spent a wonderful evening chatting with our new friend and are now going to get a good night sleep for tomorrow's trip.

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