Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 52- Dec. 26th Movie day

I can't believe I am in the middle of my seventh week on the road. WOW!! I only have one week left of this adventure.

I am starting to get a little tired now. I don't know if that's because I have been gone so long or because I have to end this trip soon.

I have very mixed feelings today. I have loved every minute of being on the road, but can't wait to see everyone back home. Part of me wants to just keep going and another part looks forward to getting back to a settled life. Hmmm...
Anyway, It was a fun-filled movie day for dad and I!!

It was a mix of his like for sci-fi and my like for chick flicks.

When we pulled up on the computer the movie choices, my jaw dropped. I am used to a selection of one theater within a ten-mile radius that has maybe 10 movie options.

HERE, there are 5 theaters within a ten-mile radius and they each have 20 movie choices!! As we headed out the door, I thought with so many malls and theaters around, I am sure there won't be much of a crowd!

Ha! Was I wrong!!!!! The mall is the size of a small midwest town and the parking lot is not even close to big enough. We wove up and down the aisles scouting out where there was an empty parking place. There were NO empty spots, not even at the back of the lot! It was a battle of the fastest car to get one where someone was pulling out.

As soon as you would see one, five other cars would race for that aisle and push and shove to get the ONE spot.

As we looked left and looked right scouting for a spot anywhere, a couple walked down the aisle we were in and got in their car about 2 spaces in front of us.

"Quick, dad. Put on your blinker!"

Can you believe our luck!! I'm sure we were high on the jealous list of the 10 cars behind us.
Before the couple was completely out of their space, we were sniffing the paint on their bumper to signal the space was ours, and as they moved forward, so did we right into our space.

As we approached the mall where the theater was located, I could tell the gargantuan size because the doors were labeled with numbers so you could find your way out.

Once inside, it was the most unbelievable zoo of people from every country, state and city in the world!! They call the US the melting pot and this is exactly why!!!

It was like Disney World in the middle of summer, except even more cultural variety!

We had about an hour to spare, so a stroll around the mall was in order. I'm surprised my dad didn't find a map for us!! This place was a maze!! After 30 minutes, we had only walked through half of one section of the mall. There were 4 sections total! My dad thought the path we were on continued around in a loop and back to the theater but it only formed more of a maze. We finally had to break down and ask directions back to the movies. Goodness gracious, lost in a shopping mall!! For the entire life in me, I can't figure out why anyone would choose to live among so many people.

Since we finally did make it back to the movies, here is my personal opinion of each...

2012 - I enjoyed it. It was a sci-fi with a little heart to it. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being what engineers would like and 1 being what a sappy gal will like) it was about a 7.

It's complicated- Cute! This was an enjoyable movie. Not really predictable like most chick flicks but a bit cheesy. Actually, a little sad. If you have ever had a broken heart- which I'm sure you have unless you are totally abnormal- it will bring you back to remember who that was that broke it. On the same scale of 1-10, it's probably a 2.

Avatar- I had no plans of seeing this movie and it would never have made it onto my list if it weren't for my dad. He really wanted to see this one and, being a good, supportive daughter, I went! WELL, thank you, dad, because I REALLY enjoyed it!!! FABULOUS MOVIE!! On my scale of 1-10, it's right down the middle at 5, because it has the special effects and graphics for the men and the touching romance for the women!! Great combination for an extremely well done movie!!!

All in all, it was a great day of movie viewing and time with dad!!!

I can hardly keep my eyes open right now because it is 2:30 in the morning so it's time to sign off and say good night!!!!

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