Tuesday, December 15, 2009

heart of our country

These are the lands where the tumble weed blows across the roads like snow does in Wyoming.

Where the wind blows so hard you can't open the car door and the only interruption in the landscape is a fence and windmill.

A place where you can see for miles without a tree in sight.

A place where a driveway is measured in miles not feet.

Where many fields are now used for oil production... or wind power. But the most important thing about country like this...is what the people make of it. This was a cafe in Channing, TX where the population is 397- a place where when you get out of the car, the only sound is clanking of the rope on the flag pole a block away. This was the third day of my flu and I had to get to Colorado. I was at the point where I could keep down soup but that was it. I was getting hungry but restaurants were hundreds of miles apart. I pulled into this cafe and asked if they had soup.

The lady at the counter said, "No. But if you go buy some in a can, we will heat it for you."

So I bought a can of Progresso chicken noodle soup and brought it to her. She heated it in a mug and gave me some saltine crackers.

How incredibly nice was that? She could have just said no, but not in a small town. They help everyone.

Out in these lands, the selfish attitudes have been buried in the red dirt and each is there to give to another- stranger or not. These small town folks don't have much, but they give what they have, even if it is only a microwave and a mug.

Since their banks aren't filled with money, instead of Christmas gifts, they get together with friends, neighbors, and family and play games and each person, couple, or family brings one.

This is the heart of our country and these people know what is important in life. It isn't where you live or what you have.

I encourage everyone to take an extra second out of each day and say "HI" to 3 new people. These will be strangers that maybe you see at the grocery store or gas station. No need for a conversation, just "HI" with a smile. You will be amazed at how it will change your day and theirs. That "HI" and smile might make the difference between them going home and yelling at a child or spouse and not.
I hope you have a great day!!


  1. I sure hope you get better quickly. No fun trying to travel while sick. THANKS AGAIN for the wonderful tour.

  2. Yeah. Not good to be sick. I'm still sick. It's getting worse so went to the hospital yesterday and got meds. Can't talk today because I have no voice now. I hope to get better soon. The doctor yesterday said it could take another week or two to get better. I haven't gotten sick in probably 10 years and hope it's another 10 before I do again.