Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here is the route I took and below are the costs involved.
I was asked many times what the differences were in gas prices around the country. I wrote down the price per gallon each time I filled up so here are the average prices in each state.

State average price per gallon

West Glacier, MT $3.03

Rest of Montana $2.75

North Dakota $2.71

Minnesota $2.60

Wisconsin $2.65

Illinois $2.87

Indiana $2.51

Ohio $2.50

Pennsylvania $2.65

Virginia $2.57

North Carolina $2.55

Georgia $2.55

Florida $2.75

Mississippi $2.54

Louisiana $2.62

Texas $2.55

Oklahoma $2.49

New Mexico $2.79

Colorado $2.40

Wyoming $2.45

Utah $2.58

Arizona $2.65

Nevada $2.99

California $3.07

Oregon $2.74


Everyone I talked to said they couldn't take a trip like this because it would be too expensive. If you are avoiding adventures because of cost, that is un-necessary! It is what you make of it. The travels don't have to cost you a lot. I saw far more of our country by seeing real life than if I had paid to see all the tourist attractions.

For example, when I went to Williamsburg, VA, instead of paying the $45 fee to see inside the buildings, I saw everything else. If I had paid that money, I never would have discovered the village being built to replicate life in 1775 and was being constructed by period tools.

I ate in grocery stores and hospitals. I know most of you might say that's nuts, but grocery stores almost always have a microwave and the deli usually has some great food on the cold side that they can heat for you. Most of those meals only cost me about $4 and are far healthier than restaurants.

If you want a full meal without the restaurant costs, hospitals have a fantastic option for not very much money. Just go to any hospital and find the cafeteria.
I also kept a cooler in the car where I kept yogurt, milk and anything else I needed to keep cool. If a hotel/motel didn't have breakfast, I would use my food in the cooler.

As far as hotels go, you don't have to stay at expensive places. There are small family owned hotels and motels all over our nation in small towns that need to be supported and are very affordable. These motels are very clean and you will meet some wonderful folks at the same time.

Most people stop in cities because that is within their comfort zone, but these little places are just like home and you get treated as if you are staying in the owner's house. In looking for a place to stay, I would usually stop before a large town or after a large town in order to find the mom and pops.

I did the entire trip on about $4000.

I think everyone should take a trip like this. For all you women that believe you can't do it, I know you can! We have an incredible country filled with amazing people!!! I hope you all get a chance to see it and meet them.

Either tomorrow or Monday I will post some special pictures I saved for last.

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