Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dad's coments

Hi all,

I asked my dad to write a little bit for this blog about our trip together.

Here is what he has to say:

As Dana's dad, I would like to make a few comments on my time with Dana on her trip. Up front, I really must say just how much I have enjoyed her blog. I had no idea that she was so good at writing. It is so natural and free flowing. She tells it like it is in a most amusing, entertaining way. This is a great leap forward over her high school English!

Traveling with Dana from Salt Lake City was a most pleasant and enjoyable experience. Besides being together and sharing things, we got to share such incredible natural wonders as Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. And there were so many other impressive natural structures.

I really enjoyed this sharing because Dana has such a wonderful curiosity. Every detail of a natural scene was worthy of a photo. She saw things that I would have never noticed. This is so pleasant and stimulating. Brings back the child-like curiosity and wonderment.

At night, Dana was so focused on writing the description of the events of the day. At times at 2am. I thought she was being a little too compulsive, but seeing her so interested and inspired was a wonderful experience. Just what a dad could be proud of.

She had never cooked a turkey before, but she exhibited the knowledge of how to get it done and how to find the information to get the job done. And the Christmas dinner was so perfect. The turkey fell apart and was so juicy. AND her making of the Oyster Stew was so special.

I thank Dana so much for all the wonderful experiences of our time together. Yes, she is going to do ok.


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