Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Redneck dedication page

As many of you know, I get a real kick out of redneck jokes, probably because they resemble my family so much!

As I traveled, I came across a few redneck sights that I would like to share...

When it comes to walking your dogs in the north Georgia mountains, it's important you fit in...

That there is one heck of a stylish coat missy...

Them Diamond earrings just sparkle off that there duct tape.

Now, it's all fine and good to walk them there dogs, but what ya gonna go home to?

Ain't no worries cuz this home's comin' to you. Thanks to the local school department for their kind donation, them folks got what ya might call a two story retreat!!!

Well, where you'z gonna park that there retreat?

How bout in this fancy place!! Them folk really know how to roll out the welcome mat!!

They don't need no tree lined driveways round here, cuz they recycle!!
BUT it's real important to add a fancy touch...

and leave that there rim in with the dent from hitting uncle Sam's curb.

But where ya gonna eat?
Not to worry, we'z gonna have the family reunion at the local Shell station!!

Now, when you'z done with that there travelin', it's time to go to home sweet home. Grandma put a special flower planter in the middle of the yard for ya...

Them neighbors really know how to fill them trucks with testosterone...
And then there's her car! Notice the Mercedes to the left.

AND last but not least...

It only takes a true redneck to travel with their shotgun sticking out of the suitcase!!!

Night y'all!!!

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