Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lost Puppy

This is a story of an event that happened while visiting my aunt in north Georgia.

I decided to go to the grocery store and get some milk and other food items. My aunt lives out in the country, and the store is about 20 minutes away so this was going to be an afternoon trip for me.

Since the grocery store is the best place to get a good, healthy lunch, I ordered up a yummy meal for myself and started to head for the tables. BUT it was thanksgiving time and the store looked like a local zoo, so I decided to head for a park instead. THAT WAS THE CRITICAL STEP in the rest of the day's events.

As I was leaving the store, I went out an exit that led me to a stop light so it would be easier to go left onto the 4-lane (as they call it down in north Georgia). While relaxing at the light listening to some great Celtic music, I noticed a little sign over in the corner of the intersection that said, "Animal Control" and had an arrow pointing behind me. I simply noticed it and moved on.

After making my left, I scooted into the right lane, since I am known for my old lady driving skills, and was headed up the highway in search for a park. Not a minute later, I saw a sign that said "Dam" with an arrow to the right.

Oooo... I know there is a view up there because I remember attempting to watch fireworks from that spot on 4th of July years ago. Driving at 55 mph made it impossible for me to slow down fast enough to make the turn, so I had to use my U-turn skills and go back. Once onto the side road, I could see the dam ahead. About a mile down, the road started to twist and curve around hair-pin turns. As I entered the last twist, there was this little black dog sitting in the middle of the road. She looked totally lost and was sure to get killed any minute. She was no bigger than 15 pounds and was just skin and bone.

How could I possible pass her up and keep driving? That's easy, I couldn't!! So I set my lunch on the floor, opened my car door and she jumped right in. After I closed the door, I don't think it was more than a minute later, she curled up in my lap and was sound asleep. Oh, my gosh, melt my heart!! She had a squished little nose and was just snoring away!!!

I spent about two and a half hours trying to find her owner, but had no luck. I had remembered that little sign back by the grocery store that said, "Animal Control," and decided that I really should take her there because I thought she had a home and I would leave town soon. Well, once I got there, they had closed 10 minutes before my arrival.

OK- Plan B...

Hmmm... There was no Plan B...

So back to my aunt's with me she goes. The only problem is my aunt has three big dogs that would make chopped liver of this little thing. So I made a nice, little bed for her in my car out of my fleece sweater, got her some food and water, and decided she could stay there until I come up with a plan. When I gave her a handful of food, I have never seen a dog eat food so fast. In one slurp, the food was gone and she drank all the water I gave her. I didn't want her to get sick so I was careful not to give her too much all at once.

Later that evening as my aunt arrived home from work, I sat in the chair and said, "Did you notice anything in my car as you drove in?"

"Um, no. Should I?"

"WELL, I collected a new travel mate today. She is so ugly, she's cute and I couldn't just leave her in the road, so I HAD to bring her home!!"

"Oh, dear!!" She laughed and said, "Maybe you should name her highway."

"Perfect!! But what if she has a home and has been lost for a while and I leave town with her?"

My aunt got the grand idea to check the newspaper. Just to give you a little insight into the area where my aunt lives, dogs are dropped like garbage on a regular basis so the chances of her having a home were small.

In the paper, there was an ad for someone that lost their female pug. "Oh, could it be?"

Unfortunately, the lady said her's was fawn color, but if I didn't find the owner in a couple days, call her back and she would host the dog until the owner could be found. I said, "OK," and hung up. It wasn't five minutes later when the phone rang. It was the lady calling back. She said she called her husband and he told her not to wait and to just get the dog that night. OH MY GOODNESS!! GREAT!! This wonderful woman would take the dog and if the owner couldn't be found, she would keep her as her own pet. YEA!! I love a happy ending!!

I never did eat my lunch. They became leftovers for the next day.

One last little detail- It is a very small world. When we went to Thanksgiving dinner, the hosts ended up knowing the lady that took the dog!

Before I end this, I must add a little redneck story:

The time about 10 years ago when we attempted to see the 4th of July fireworks up on the dam made for a unique holiday experience:

When we got up on top of the dam that year with the entire city's population of 1000 people to see the fireworks, there must have been a miscommunication between the advertiser and the officials meant to set off the fireworks. We all sat there until about 11:00 pm and the only fireworks were the newlyweds standing in front of us. So we decided to bail ship and head for home.

The gas tank was reaching empty so a fill-up was in order.

This led us to where the local rednecks put on a show that the county couldn't compare to.

Now, I'd like to ask you folks out there where the most logical place is to set off fireworks?

The park...

A wide open area...

Your driveway...

The middle of the street...

Or even on a beach?

OH, NO!!

I'm sorry. All those answers are incorrect...

The proper place to set off your 4th of July fireworks is at the gas station next to the pumps!!

AND, let me remind you, it would be best if you do this with a cigarette lit next to the sign that says, "No smoking!"

You can imagine our comfort in filling our tank with pop, crackle, and snap of colorful explosives next to us. "Excuse me, folks, could you hold the fire just a minute while we get a little gas?"

Needless to say, I think that was the most memorable tank of gas we all have ever filled.

And that leads me to what I will be posting next. -Hopefully tomorrow.

It will be redneck dedication page.

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