Sunday, January 3, 2010



Yeah, I'm a bit behind, but that's what happens when I perfect my chatting skills more than my writing skills. I have been visiting with friends and family in Portland that I haven't seen in years. This trip has been a great opportunity for me to re-connect with people in my life that I had lost touch with. The amazing thing with each of them is it is like not a day has passed. Our conversations have picked up right where they left off years ago.

With a new year here, I think of the things I have learned, especially on this trip...

1- How to bake a cake from scratch
2- How to cook a turkey
3- That a horse isn't going to kill me. Actually, I love them now!!
4- That there is a place in this world for me.
5- That Wyoming fits the description of desolate.
6- That cowboys are hot.
7- That my dad really has good advice.
8- That I really have fun writing.
9- That I love the little things in life.
10- That my life is a detour.
11- Don't spend all your cash to clean out your purse because the toll booths are not fun to count pennies at.
12- Country music is so moving and great to listen to.

OK- now to the deeper things I learned on this trip...

1- I learned to be comfortable in my own skin and that being alone really can be quite fun!
2- I learned to trust myself and my own gut.
3- Sitting on the beach is one of the most peaceful moments possible.
4- My purpose is to help others. I don't know in what aspect yet or how, but that will come. I think I would like to teach through laughter.
5- To let go and accept others just the way they are. It is amazing how much tension goes away when you enjoy people as they come.
6- How to open up and listen without becoming defensive.
7- That enjoyment comes from the journey not getting to the destination.
8- To be flexible
9- It's not about what you have but what you do with it.
10- I learned a lot about what I want in a partner and have come up with the most important things to me.
11- I learned through friends that when I meet him it will feel right and I don't have to worry about what I say or do because if we fit, we will fit as the people we are.
12- I learned that I am ok just the way I am. I kept thinking I had to change, but somewhere on this trip, I learned I am who I am and don't want to be anyone else.

I have a wish for our country this coming year. I wish that we as people can step outside of worrying about ourselves and focus on others. If we do that, I believe we can learn to work as a team and our futures will be filled with success!!

I have a wish that people would choose the perspective that there are opportunities everywhere and it only takes opening our minds to see them.

I wish for people to appreciate all that we have and focus on the young kids in our world and what we can do to create a positive future for them!!

May your New Year be filled with opportunity and success!!!

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