Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 10- Nov. 14th Day in Indiana 2

Great day in Indiana today. Tomorrow I will hit the road again and head for Pennsylvania.

I started out sleeping in and then came down to watch Dean fix his computer. Very interesting. He was trying to get the power cord to get a connection with the computer because it wasn't charging, even after replacing the plug. Up until today, the computer was winning the battle but he just got out the key ingredient- DUCT TAPE!! Success!! It's working and looks great too!!

WARNING: Guard dog on duty

Doodeee doodeee doo. Do you think this thing has 4-wheel drive? Toto, I think we made it back to Kansas!! Who needs to buy a car when you can have one of these!?!

As we were whizzing down the road headed for Fort Wayne, IN, we passed this cute little shop and decided to use my expertise in U-turns and go back for lunch. What a cute place!! The perfect small town stop. It had a little gift shop in the front and restaurant in the back. Then behind the main building was a second building where there was a guy blowing glass. It was not just lunch but an experience.

This is a picture inside the little gift shop. I wanted to buy about half the stuff.

You must be kidding me!! Candy cigarettes!! WOW!! I haven't seen these since I was a kid!! Mom, do you remember me replacing your real cigarettes with these things?

They even had little chocolate covered marsh mellows individually packed. How cute is that!?!

This is the little place out back where the guy was blowing glass.

Here are the ornaments he was making.
NOW, sit down for this sunset!! Ahhhhh....

It has been great to be here in Indiana! I love it here!!! I will be back and fully plan that my next visit will include driving a combine!! I can't believe it is already time to go. I am now a week and a half into this trip. I still have 6 weeks left. Oh, my gosh! I am going to have to get a whole new computer to hold all the pictures. I already had to create 2 new folders because the others were so full.
Next posting will be from the eastern side of the US.


  1. Hello Daner!!! I have been following the progress of your journey! WOW! What a wonderful trip. You look like you are having the time of your life. School it coming along well and waiting for graduation in June. So, glad you are doing what you have wanted to do for a long time. Enjoy and I'll check in again!!
    Happy trails,

  2. What entertainment. I love it! Esther