Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 7- Nov. 11th -little town fun to big city craziness!

Made quick work of a few states today. Started in Mauston, Wisconsin (about 60 miles west of Madison) and ended in Columbia City, Indiana. Illinois was just a blink.

Welcome to Wisconsin!! Unfortunately, it was too dangerous for me to take a picture of the state sign welcoming me, so that one has to stick in the mind.
OOOII YUUYUUYUU OOOII YUUYUU Just imagine the Indians chanting around the campfire coming up with these names for the streets. I can just hear them... Let's make white man look like idiot when he tries to say this. They probably laughed for hours at us and still do.

Pee in my wakee what? Walking shesha who?

Dousman- now that is rather normal! But how many O's can they fit into one name on O-O-CO-MO-O-WOC ahhh huh?
SMALL TOWN USA!! This is the little town of Lake Mills, Wisconsin. What a cute little place!!

Ahhh.. Now, that's a dose of comfort food!!! I think this was the best pizza I have ever had!!

Woo... oooo... boo... Looks like a haunted house, huh!?! This place was for sale. I would love to buy it!!
Look at the door!! All the vines growing over it. Wonder how many spiders there are inside of there!
I found flowers in the middle of Wisconsin in November!!! I had to take some pictures with them!!

Deep thoughts by old lady... I wonder if that bird is going to poop on me?

OMG!! Look at all those leaves!! How in the world can I resist jumping into that pile?

I can't!

Look at this cool house!!! That would be amazing out on 100 acres!!

Es-cuze me!!! Widdalee waddle yo butootie across, please!! This is only a few of the many others all over the road.

HELLO Illinois. I whizzed through this state!! I wanted to get to Indiana and had to get my own butootie in gear to get here before midnight. Had to bypass Chicago because I got there at 5:00 and I decided it was not the greatest idea to weave through downtown at rush hour.

Um Toto, we ain't in Kansas anymore!!! Not far from where I took this picture, I started to hit toll booths. Notice the (s) on booth!! I had very conveniently used my cash on dinner and throughout the day was using up my change because my purse was getting full of it. BIG MISTAKE!!!

After about 6 of these booths at 80 cents a stop, my supply was down to pennies that were stuck in the seats. You know how you get behind someone in line and wonder what in the world is taking them so long? Yeah, I was leading that line as I dug through the seats and in every pant pocket I could find looking for change.

I know the people behind me were so pleased when I sat there counting out pennies to the toll lady and then came up 2 cents short. CRAP!!! Hold on... I dug through every pocket of my purse until I came up with the 2 cents.

Um, miss toll lady, how many of these booths are there left because I am totally out of change!! She spoke music to my ears... This is the last one. Darn good thing because that would have been a long night on the side of the expressway!!!

How I made my way through here without a scratch on my car is amazing!!! Although I did take out one construction cone trying to cross 6 lanes of traffic to get in the right lane for the toll booth. People were whizzing by me and I was trying to read the signs and get in the cash lane.

I have learned that it is really best if you can have a navigator in the car with you when making your way through and around major cities in traffic on 5-lane highways. Since I didn't, I have become a professional at U-turns! Pulling out the 2-foot by 1.5-foot Atlas, finding the state's page, and then reading the 5-point type is totally not practical. And getting off the road at an intersection of 3 interstates is not always possible. It is an OH S*** moment followed by I guess I go this way followed by another OH S*** moment because it splits again and I have no clue where to go.

My map and directions would show south and my general direction is SE but there is no sign for south or east, only west and north!!! Hmmm...

OH, THANK YOU!! Indiana- I was beyond ready to see that sign.

I arrived at my friend's house at 10:00 pm and am now settled for several days!!!

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  1. oops.... Dana... next time remember there is always a bit of poo in piles of leaves... dj