Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 1- Nov. 5 -Ooooo... Detour!!

Day one-
I was riding along the freeway singing to the country song that talks about “small town USA” when out of the corner of my eye, I saw this sign that said, “Glacier National Park next exit.” HUH!?! It sure got my attention. Hmmm… how far away, I wonder? So I hung a left at St. Regis, MT and stopped into the travel center. I asked the lady at the counter how far it was to Glacier and she said 200 miles. Oh, that’s not bad, but roundtrip that’s 400. That’s a whole day. Then I pulled out my handy Atlas and low and behold, Hwy 2 goes all the way from Glacier into Minnesota!! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! LEFT I GO…

What a fabulous decision!!! Now it’s all back roads!! My kind of traveling. The road wound around through the yellow tree-lined canyon. There was a fast moving river lining the road’s edge. It was peaceful and beautiful. No cities, no buildings, just me and the wilderness. As the sun set, I watched the clouds that hovered over the mountains ahead change colors of blue and purple. Off to my right, the road was lined with snow capped peaks that must have shot up a 1000 feet.

Oh, the anticipation of reaching my dream destination is killing me. I am sitting here at the redneck Hilton (Motel 6) just waiting for morning to come so I can see those mountains!! I have always dreamed of seeing Glacier National Park and got really close a couple years ago but was snowed out on that trip. Keep your fingers crossed that the snow gods leave me just a dusting of beauty but not so much to make it impossible to see.

I’m guessing that the next few days I will not have a plethora of service, so I will post again when I have service!! See you on the other side of Glacier!!!

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