Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 2 - Nov. 6th -Seeing Glacier

How does one explain today. Other than, I am going to go get in the hot tub here at the hotel and then write this…

Sometimes the greatest moments come from the smallest things. Today was a long day and I was so tired and my shoulders were on fire so I went into the hot tub. There were 2 kids there about the ages of 4 and 7. The 7-year-old told me she couldn’t swim. So I taught her and the little boy doggie paddle. The little one only learned how to kick water everywhere! LOL :) But the 7-year-old got it and was going all over the pool after about 20 minutes. She was just jumping out of her skin with excitement. She was so happy to learn how to swim. When I left the room, I could hear her telling her dad, “that girl taught me to swim. I can swim!!" That was fun and brought me the biggest smile I have had all day!

Today, I saw snow, rain, hail, sun, mountains, dence trees, open prairie land and felt the bone chilling cut from the wind.

You all know how much I love mornings! Ha ha!! WELL, this morning I was up at 6:00 with such great anticipation of seeing this grand park I have dreamed so long of seeing. I had visions of the mountains based on all the post cards and calanders I’ve seen for years. I got myself all ready to go, jumped in the car and wove through the dense woods to the park entrance…
OH-I’M THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then …

OH NO… The dream of seeing the glaciers inside the park and views remains a dream. ONE DAY, I will get to see this place. It was freezing cold and raining/snowing/blowing really hard, and hailing all day.

There was a beautiful river that lined the road as I drove. Here are some pictures of it. The most amazing part was the color of the water. It was this incredibly bright blue. And the rocks looked like they had been sheered in layers with a knife.

At the point where the road was closed, there was this trail through a forest of cedars.

I couldn't resist climbing in.

After the views of Cedars and views of the river, It was time to go. These next pictures are as I left the park and headed for eastern Montana. You can see the landscape changed quickly.

I am now in Havre, MT and am going to climb into the plush, down bed this warm hotel has provided.

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  1. Oh lovely pictures attracted me a lot.I wish I could go there.