Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 13- Nov. 17 rough day in PA

OK. Car got broken into, iPod stolen, diarrhea all day, have a tooth infection, and the cat just peed on my pants.

We'll chalk this up as a not-so-great day on the trip.

I'm not so happy at this moment. I just finished with the police officer about the break-in and he laughed at me. He told me this is a college town, what do I expect. WELL, SIR, with all due respect, I expect these kids to leave my car alone. It's not theirs, stay out!!! "You do have insurance, don't you?" He asked. I got insurance for accidents, not for punks that were never taught respect. He laughed again and said, "Well, that's just what happens. Kids steal things."

I won't get on my soap box too much, but these kids should have been spanked when they were little, they should have been taught right from wrong, they should have been taught some respect and responsibility. Parents need to remember their job is to raise an adult, not worry about being the kid's best friend. We are now in a day where the kids rule the roost and even the cops just let them. IT'S WRONG!!!! In today's time, the attitude is, "it's not that bad. They ONLY broke into your car. They didn't hurt anyone." OH, EXCUSE ME, so that is an excuse to do nothing?

Mmmmm... Anyway, moving on...

I guess if things are going to happen, they should all hit at once, right? I still have 6 weeks left on this trip and I intend to have this be the only bad posting.

Aside from the items listed above, I actually got a lot done today.

The day started with a great phone conversation with a friend, which led me to boot up my computer, which led me to get inspired to work on the marketing for the book. I spent most of the day on that, working on the website, getting our database set up, coming up with my pitch to dealers, refining my defining statement for the book, and finding where the local dealers are located.

I went from one project to the other. Got my way overfilled email box well cleaned out. I had 356 emails in my inbox. Sorting through them is so much fun!!! I only kept the good ones in the inbox for future reference, so now I only have 345. LOL :)

I just went to the bathroom and noticed there is no toilet paper left, so I'd better put a halt to my water drinking habits and scoot to the store.

Keaton is working for the next 24 hours straight so I don't think I will see him until Thursday morning.

I am so thankful for the life I have, how I was raised, and where I live. I have yet to find anyplace or any life I would want more!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the theft Dana and you're right about the lack of dicipline and respect. carry on and keep the rest of us law abiding citizens informed on your trip, Thanks again your friends Dave & Kathy.

  2. Oh Man!! What an ugly feeling having your car broken into! That sucks! At my internship site, I have been counseling parents to take their power back from their children! But know too that I have met more responsible parents who have the best behaved children than irresponsible parents. Hang in there!! ~Tood~

  3. Sorry you had even one bad day. You sound like an old person.