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Day 17- Nov. 21 Williamsburg & VA beach sunset

I can't keep my eyes open while writing this so I'm not my goofy self. I am going to try to make this as simple as possible, but it is hard since it was a packed 12-hour day.

The town of Williamsburg is like Orlando. There is a Busch Gardens, Ripley's Believe it or not, shopping centers like I have never seen before. They are gigantic!!! I think they have more stores in one block than all of Spokane. The city is painted with tourist places.

Something I noticed- I have not seen one pickup truck yet since I left Pennyslvania.

Just a note on traffic and roads here on the east coast- THEY SUCK!!! honk honk, move you idiot, there's 6 lanes going in one direction- why are you in that lane, north-south-east-west what? The sign says gas next exit, but they forgot to mention that it leads to another highway that leads to one-way streets, that leads to cement medians, that leads to a 25 minute trip just to get a tank of gas. And then when you go to get on the freeway heading east, there is only a sign for north and south. For crying out loud!!! It's easier to squat in a bush off the freeway than to attempt to exit and get to one.

I have so many stories I could write here. Maybe over these next couple days, I will insert some of the driving experiences. In the mean time, the mission is bed.

Just a taste of Virginia...
This was a village that was built to replicate life in 1775. They have only completed half the village and were in the process of building the rest, but the trick was they could only use tools from the time. No modern construction methods. Oh, let me get my hands in there. Wonder if they need any help? I must have spent an hour and a half here!!

This nice man shared with me all about the wood types and how he makes the shingles. They are made of cyprus not oak. Cyprus is what the rich had. A roof with this will last about 60 years compared to 15-20. In order to get a cyprus tree, they have to wade through the swamps, cut the tree down, and schlep it out of the swamp. The cyprus only grows deep within the swamp and can be over 1000 years old.
Here, he shows the tool he uses to shave the shingles down. He reaches out, sets it on the wood and pulls it towards him. Much like a planer but you do the work. He set the shingle under the round piece of wood. The round piece is attached to a foot pedal below and when he pushes down on the foot pedal it holds the shingle in place to be stripped and shaped.

Here are some of his finished shingles.
And a completed roof with the cyprus shingles. This man was making candles as they did in the time. They have to dip it in the hot wax, let it sit in the air for a couple minutes and dip again and again and again until you have a candle. I asked why he didn't just dip it in cold water after he dipped it in the wax so it could cool quickly. That seems faster to me. He told me that is only possible with modern wax. It will not work with traditional wax. The candle would have bubbles and fall apart.
He then showed a group of us a common house for the slaves. They had dirt floors, mats on the floor for sleeping, and not much else. They didn't get candles, so once you closed the doors to keep the warmth in, the only light was the fire. They got one bucket of corn to eat a day from their master (about a half gallon) plus whatever they grew in their garden or caught in the woods.
He explained that only the strongest lived and that was only to about 25 years old.
After my great visit with the old village, I headed for the Colonial town of Williamsburg. I walked through this really picturesque tunnel.

It's kids are cute day!!! The kids were having so much fun and were so cute to watch!!

Woof woof... Here Mr. Horse!!

OK- photo op!! I think the people watching at this spot was more fascinating than the entire town!!

This has to be the most romantic spot I have ever seen!! All together now, AHHHHH...

Me, myself ,and I had a very nice moment here!!!
Get it squirrel, get it!! Dig, chew, kick, flitter that tail, squeak, and scoot. You can do it!! It doesn't matter that the black walnut is bigger and harder than your head.
I have no idea how long he worked on this, but after walking around for quite a while, he was still at it.
Look at this!!! How do they do that!! SO PERFECT! I want a driveway like that.
Deep thoughts by man on bench...

Come on, honey! Why is it taking you so long! The men's room had no line!
This is a traditional stone-built house in Williamsburg
What do you think of my new style? After my fantastic visit to Colonial Williamsburg, it was a mad dash to beat the sun setting and get to the ocean I have never seen!! It was like a battle between me and the sun. We were in a race. Due to the HORRIBLE exits around here, it took me an hour and a half to go 40 miles. I was gritting my teeth every time I looked out the window and watched the sun go another inch lower. It seemed like an eternity to get to the ocean. I was chanting green light, green light, green light!! Then, as I pulled into town, I whipped into the first parking lot I spotted and made my dash for the water!!
As you will see below, I won the race with the sun and got a handsome reward!!!

Here is the Virginia Beach boardwalk just before the sun set. I arrived just in the nick of time!!
I probably took 30 pictures of the sunset and these are my favorites. Ahhh...

One of my favorite moments on the trip!!!!

Once I was done with my ooooing and ahhhhhing at the sunset, I went to the "cheap" (according to the locals) restaurant. They have a smidge of a different definition of cheap than me!!! The chicken was $12. Just a chicken breast and veggies!! Well heck, I had a long day and a treat was in order! SO I actually ordered dessert for myself!!! This is as rare as me seeing the sunrise, but without a doubt, was the best dessert I have ever had in my life!!! The brownie was hot and milky rich with flavor. It was slightly crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside with a little chocolate syrup on top. It had whipped cream with it and handmade french vanilla ice cream in the little dish to the side. I figured I would just take a bite or two and take the rest home....

Ummm... Well....
Can someone get me a cart to roll out on!!!! This was an undo the top button on the jeans delicious meal!!

Now, that I could hardly move, it was time to relish in the moment that I am on the east coast!! I finished off the day lying in the sand on the deserted beach. Just me, the sand, and the waves!!
I laid there spooning the flour soft sand into my hands and letting it fall through my fingers while listening to the waves crash.
Good night all!!!

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