Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 6- Nov. 10th - Special day!!

Today was, of course, one of the most important days of the year!! MY BIRTHDAY!!

I entered my birthday with true class- As I pulled into the Hilton Hotel to meet with our friend Mark to come up with a marketing plan for the book. I was only paying attention to where to park. I didn't happen to notice the little median to my right, lining the entrance of the driveway.

Noticing the convenient parking places ahead, I gave a swift turn to the steering wheel. NEVER SAW THE MEDIAN!! There was a line of cars behind me that I am sure thought I had lost it. Good thing I have 4-wheel drive on this little buggy of mine. Sailed right over the curb, the decorative rocks in the center, and down the other side with a bang!!

I then pulled into the parking place as if nothing had happened. You know, like when you fall and make a fool of yourself. Ya, that feeling!! After all the people that had been behind me were in the hotel, I got out and proceeded to the back of my car. I was standing at my tailgate, filling my water bottle with some milk and eating my snickers bar for breakfast, and couldn't help but notice everyone looking at me. Hmmm... Do I have toilet paper stuck to my nice pants? After checking my clothing for something wrong, I glanced around the parking lot and realized my difference. ALL the other cars in the parking lot were sparkling clean and mine looked like I had been mud bogging in a field. Well, I kind of had going down those country roads. I was just a smidge out of place! Too bad they hadn't had the journey I have had. My car has more stories and character!!!

While I was raised staying in $300 a night hotels all over the world and met high level business executives regularly as a kid, this girl has been on the farm just a bit too long. While I like to think I am a dirt diggin', steel weldin', 4-wheeling, back roads kind of gal that PRESENTS myself to the world with class, today I realized the class part just might be missing!!!

My car is beginning to look much like I live in it. Oh, wait, I do!! I think tomorrow when I get to Indiana, the car is going to get an interior overhaul. I have been having fun instead of keeping the car in order. Heaven for bid anyone need to ride with me because the passenger seat has collected all kinds of stuff that I have slowly dug out of other bags one piece at a time. A pair of sneakers, some almonds for snacking, tissue for the running nose, 2 jackets- one light and one heavy, my trusty atlas, my mileage log for noting gas fill-ups, my camera, i-pod, purse, tourists books, water bottles, brochures I collected, a pen, phone charging cable, mace, and some items I picked up at the local mini mart.

OH, dear. All in all today was a great day of working on the book plan, seeing Minneapolis, having a great birthday lunch, and driving!!
This is the Guthrie Theater in downtown Minneapolis. Neat place. I would like to come back and go to some plays here. That piece that sticks way out is a deck that overlooks the river. Really pretty spot to stand.
This is the Missouri river running through downtown Minneapolis.
Can you imagine having this as your yard? Honey, let's get our swim suits and sit in the front yard and soak up some sun! Oh, "HI" everyone on 2nd Ave. Don't mind us.

I don't have a lot of pictures to share, because I didn't see that much today. While there was so much to see, I didn't feel like seeing it. After my great morning meeting with Mark, I just sat on the waterfront looking at the Missouri River and did a lot of soul searching. I went from crying to laughing many times and vice versa!! I covered every subject in my head from who I am, to my relationships with others, to business and how I handle success and failure, where I go and what I want. You name it, I thought of it!!! I came to conclusions on some things and created more conflict on other subjects.

One conclusion that I have 100% determined is I really like getting in the hot tub after a long day!!! So relaxing and makes my tired body feel ready for a great night sleep!! AND that is exactly where I'm going now!!! Good night!!

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