Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 9- Nov. 13th Day in Indiana

Welcome to Amish territory where the clothes hang from the lines, the horses work hard, the veggies grow in the back yard, and the cooking is fresh, down to the flour being ground. The Amish houses look like any other except there are no power lines leading to them, no vehicles in the driveways, and are rather simple in appearance.

These roads are a balance between cars and horse and buggy.

When I asked Dean how to spell Amish, he corrected me on the pronunciation and gave me a little lesson on how to say it- Ahhhhhmish. He said I say Ah-l-mish and it is supposed to be ahhhhh-mish. Like when you go to the doctor and say, "Ahhhhh." He says I add an "L" to it and there is no "L"

OK, now that we have that straight, let's take a tour of the countryside of Indiana.

For starters, this is my definition of an estate. Isn't it beautiful!!
As my friend, Tina, and I came to a major intersection on a busy highway, I couldn't help but notice this trailer. What a cute idea. Maybe I can get some company to paint my motor home like this and get paid for it! I could be cool and make money at the same time. Such a deal!! I am going to have to work on that.

As we pulled off the road to take the picture of the trailer, I looked up and couldn't help but notice this sign. At first glance, I figured it was a normal crossing sign, then I took a double take and realized it said, "Handicap Xing." HUH!?! It was located in the type of spot where I would picture a deer crossing sign. We are just off a major 4-lane highway where I can't imagine anyone trying to cross that is not handicap, much less someone handicap.
Green is the color of the day today. Half the houses and barns are painted green around here. This was very surprising to me becuase normally in farm country they are painted red. These people are clearly the rebellious bunch!!

This one had a special tone of green. While it looks yellow in this picture, it was clearly green in person and can be seen for miles! Last but not least...
Hey Roberta, I think this one is the perfect fixer upper and it'll fit our budget perfectly. It had a jack-o-lantern in the winder. We wonder if that there decor come with da house. Next year, we'll finish that there porch.

Now for all you rebellious farmin' kind, here's what a barn is supposed to look like...

OH, my gosh. It was so beautiful!!!!!! As we pulled up to it, there was no place to park to take the picture except in their driveway. As I pulled in, I said to Tina that every time I do something like this the people come home. Sure enough, I was standing outside the car taking these pictures and there come the owners. You could see them staring like, "Who are these people?" We waved and backed out of their driveway and went on our way.

Earlier in the day, I went to visit my friend at the RV Manufacturer, he took me to lunch. On the way to lunch, we drove down this really cool street of houses. They are all old victorian style houses with so much character. As we approached the end of the street, I saw a big white house up ahead on the left. I said, "Now that's a pretty one!" "He responded with, "That's a funeral home!" Oh... so when you come home you have to be quiet so you don't wake the dead. Still pretty!! I love these homes. Such character!!

Them folk got themselves a swimmin' hole. It is the shape of UI- University of Indiana. I saw this factory after leaving the trailer manufacturer and wondered what was inside. As I walked through the door, I was hit with a wall of the smell of cooking sugar. Oh, jeez, it was sickening. I could only stay a minute because my belly was starting to roll from the stench.

It turns out it was a manufacturing plant for cotton candy powder and carmel corn. An entire factory that was easily the same size building as the one building trailers, just for carmel corn and cotton candy powder. It was huge.
I found the title of the cotton candy powder interesting. Floss? It's time for the sun to set again. Tonight it was probably the most amazing I've seen so far!!!

What a great day hanging out with my friends and seeing the countryside of northern Indiana.

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