Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 19, Nov. 22 - Blue Ridge Parkway in NC

How y'all doin' ta-day!!! I just had to say that again. I woke this mornin' and jumped to look out da winder for some sun, but all I saw was rain. OH NO!! I guess I'm gonna see them mountains in da rain ta-day.
Them folk in North Carolina sure know how to put out da welcome mat. Take a look at that there rest stop. Now, that's classy!! AND they served coffee, hot cocoa, tea and cookies fur free!!!! Can ya believe that?

All the way to the Eastern Continental Divide!! I guess I should have paid more attention in school cuz I didn't even know there was such thing! But I knew it meant I had made it a long way!! A whopping 4500 miles I've driven!!

You see, people drive from far and wide to see the Blue Ridge Parkway, BUT they usually come in good weather. ME? Nah, I see the mountains in the rain, snow, sleet, and fog. It's not my style to arrive at a mountain in good weather. That's for wussies!!!

The Blue Ridge Parkway was a depression-era public works project. It is a highway that winds 469 miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains. I only saw about a 60-mile stretch and one day would like to travel the entire length. It is a very windy road that is filled with a different view around every corner.

Enjoy my trip to the Great Smoky Mountains!!!!

Tucked between the trees were fields like this. I have no idea how long these fences have been around but they had so much character and have seen many travelers.
Take a look at these rhododendron bushes. I can't imagine what this place looks like when they are in bloom. They grow here like ferns or blackberries grow in the Cascades. They are a weed that is probably 15 feet tall and line the roads and lakes for miles. The forests are dense with them.

This lake is lined with them. All the green other than trees are rhododendron bushes.

There were rock formations all over the place.

This was a cool spot called the splitting rock.

OK. How could I not climb in!?! It was a bit touch to squish myself into this slit. The rock walls were wet, cold and covered with slippery moss. But I can't pass a hole or slit and not climb in!!!

Guys, this one's for you!!! Hope you're having a great week at hunting camp!!!

I have reached the all mighty destination!!! The nice lady at the welcome center, back when I crossed into North Carolina, told me that if I did nothing else, I had to see Grandfather Mountain. She showed me pictures of the incredible views!! SO when I saw the sign, I hung a right and headed for the mountain.
There's just one problem, you see! I could only see about 20 feet. When I reached the little booth where you have to pay to enter the park, the man looked at me and said, "Oh, ma'am, this ain't no day to see da mountain. You'd best come back tomorra." "
Well, I'm not going to be anywhere near here tomorrow, so what can I see that is viewable 20 feet away?" "Oh, ma'am, nothing!!!"
Well, sir, I came this far, I'm going to enjoy it just the way it is. Bless his heart, he didn't charge me to go up the mountain. Woo Hoo, the money gods sure have been in my favor!! I don't care if it's foggy. It's just an experience!! I get a view, or lack of view, very few others will get.

This would be the mile high bridge. For those of you that are scared of heights, this would be a perfect day to go because you can't tell you are a mile up. I have no pictures from the top because they were just white, as if the camera was broken.

A view down lower where the fog wasn't so dense.

This place had the feel of a tropical rain forest. Damp, green, plush, dense, rocks covered with moss, and vines leading up the hills. It was very mystical!!

These stone steps are not separate. They are all one wall of rock that was chipped away to make steps.

After leaving the falls, I drove about two and a half hours and made it all the way to Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peaches anyone!?!

Spell check had a cow tonight!! It don't like it when ya talk like this and don't put a "g" on da end of words like mornin'!!
Tomorrow, I will start my week of relaxation at my aunt's house. While I am having a blast, I have put in some long days this past week and I am downright exhausted!!! Let the lazy pajama days begins!!!

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