Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 26 nov. 29 Golf cart city

WELCOME TO FLORIDA!!! It's shocking how fast the southern accent disappears as soon as you cross the border. As far as people in the south are concerned, Florida is a whole different country. It is not considered part of the south!! Them folk in Florida are Yankees. - meaning white out-of-towners. Typical Yankees come from New York or New Jersey.

This is the land where the driveways are lined with palm trees and 70 degrees is considered a cold winter day.

I think the moment I noticed the warmth the most was when I went to use the restroom in the middle of the night. My typical dance to the bathroom is to tip toe across the cold tile with as long a stride as my legs will allow, so I have as limited exposure to the cold as possible. Last night, I started to enter in normal form and was quickly surprised with the warmth of the tile. Instead of the second step being a quick toe hop, I put my whole foot down and walked through the bathroom. WOW!! That's great!!

I am actually sitting here on the patio now with bare feet while writing this.

My aunt lives in The Villages, FL. It is a community for retired people. I might change the name to Golf Cart City though. You'll see why as you go through this posting.

Cars have a secondary place in the garage. It is golf carts that are the primary source of transportation. The roads are all built with a lane for them and they even have a special road for the carts that is separate from the standard street.

The garages are set up with one for the cars and one for the carts.

My aunt had to run some errands, so here we are headed out. The funny part about this trip is she said to me that it really is cool enough to have a jacket on. Hmmm... It is 75. Here, you can see the golf cart road and standard road.

Even UPS delivers on golf carts!!!!
Now, here is a common form of accident. The lady that caused this hit the gas instead of the brake. OOPS!! The insurance guy that was there said it happens all the time.
While we were here, one of my aunt's neighbors walked up to us but he can't hear and when my aunt said, "This is my neice from Washington visiting me."
He said, "That's OK. We'll all do it. I ran into something not to long ago too." Then he put his hand on my shoulder as if to say, "It'll be OK."
At first, I didn't understand what he was talking about and asked if he knew the lady.
He then said, "Hopefully, you can get your car back soon."
Gotta love the "can't hear" factor!!! Gave me a giggle!!
They even have parking lots just for golf carts. These are special mini parking spaces.

Speaking of parking- Here at the dog park, the cars have to park several blocks away but the golf carts park right next to the fence.
My aunt, taking the dogs to the dog park for an afternoon run!!
I think you can see why I have changed the name. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I have been told it will be a busy day, so we'll see what's in store!!

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