Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 15- Nov. 19th Williamsport, PA

Thank goodness for cell phones. I don't have a clue if it is Friday, Sunday, or Wednesday. I have to keep checking my phone to see what day it is.

It was a rainy, gross day today so I stayed in and the inner big sister bubbled to the surface!! I fixed the most fabulous home-cooked meals for my brother. I fixed 2 meatloaves and a huge pot of delicious chicken ala king. He should be set with some yummy lunches for at least the next week!!

I decided that before I left, I should show you a little bit of what the style of Williamsport, PA looks like. It is a very Victorian feeling city. The streets are still made of brick and the houses have been there for many, many years and show the wear of many lives. The trees line the streets and create a canopy of, now bare, branches.
The houses and buildings are brought to life with handmade stained glass windows. They are intricate and colorful!! You can see they have seen many generations look through them.

Most of the houses are very well kept for their age. In this section of the country, you don't really see the run-down shacks that you see elsewhere. Most are old square houses that have a porch and cute little candles in each window. They are very well kept and have a look of life 100 years ago. The hills are painted with Amish buggies, and the trees line the edges of the green farmland.

I tried to get some pictures of the Amish, but none of them came out well. So here is a picture of one that I took this past spring just to give you an image of what their transportation is like.

You know, I gotta say, the Amish really are smart people with the simple lives they live and I look up to them. I have to hand it to them for sticking with their traditional ways in times of overwhelming technology. I think there is something to be said about their simple lives because that creates a work ethic in the young people, brings families together, and creates more face to face communication.
Here are some pictures of houses and churches in Williamsport. This is a local church that was built in 1875.

The doors were so grand!! They were probably 15 feet tall.

Look at the stained glass windows!! Beautiful!!!
One of the many stone houses. Many buildings and houses around here are built of stone with the stained glass windows.
This is a very common style of house and they all seem to be red with cream trim. Don't really know why.
How cute is this?!! Looks like candy!! These houses look small but are HUGE!!!I couldn't resist the Christmas decorated street light. Feels so much like what I see in movies from the old days of horse and buggy. I can just picture the man with his suit standing there like a gentleman with one arm behind his back helping a lady into the carriage.
Another beautiful church!! They are on almost every street corner.

This is a traditional wood-sided house in the area. Notice the intricate railing around the porch.

It has been a great visit here with my brother. We don't get to see each other often and the older we get, it seems like the more fun we have together!!

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